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GTX 670 waterblocks Page 2 - EVGA Forums

22/07/2012 · here's my GTX 670 4 GB SC with EK-FC 670 waterblock. I messed up the fittings, so I need to order some more parts. I was gonna connect the 2 cards via that 90-degree barb (one facing down, one facing up) and connect the two with 3/8" ID tubing, but the distance between them is too short.

GTX 670 waterblocks Page 4 - EVGA Forums

08/08/2012 · Got my blocks today. some pics. 1 before, 2 after. Just a heads up, the backplate is simply cosmetic. It does NOT make contact with the board. but I doubt it matters, the waterblock contacts them on the other side and are cooled that way.

GTX 670 waterblocks Page 5 - EVGA Forums

24/10/2012 · raw2dogmeat Just got my EK backplate. fits like a glove with the XSPC block! Ordered the last 1 Frozencpu has 2 minutes ago. bought one to test the fit and not have to sell 2 in the forums here if it did'nt. Looks sweet! GTX 670 waterblocks Page 3 - EVGA Forums 26/07/2012 · here's my GTX 670 4 GB SC with EK-FC 670 waterblock. I messed up the fittings, so I need to order some more parts. I was gonna connect the 2 cards via that 90-degree barb (one facing down, one facing up) and connect the two with 3/8" ID tubing, but the distance between them is too short.EVGA GTX 670! Page 3 - EVGA Forums 10/05/2012 · re:evga gtx 670! 2012/05/10 19:35:45 I cannot see them dropping the hardware lock on a card that costs less, even though it performs this well. The only card that may have that option is the Classy, and they will make you pay for it.GTX 670 4GB Appreciation Club Page 2 - EVGA. 09/08/2012 · Calling all owners of any 4GB GTX 670 cards, whether EVGA or not. Been playing with mine that I got today for the past hour or so, and seem to have a stable OC of 100MHz on the GPU Clock. But temps go slightly over 70C, so the clock drops.EVGA GTX 670! Page 5 - EVGA Forums The EVGA GTX 670 is here! Backplates to be offered separate very soon!GTX 670 FTW 4GB - EVGA Forums 11/05/2012 · EVGA_JacobF of course it will exist About 2 weeks more. Man that is awesome! I didn't see it on the product page, so I wasn't sure. Can you comment on whether or not reference GTX 680 water blocks such as the Hydro Copper will fit the 670 FTW and FTW 4GB?
  • EDIT: gtx 670 NOT, good to go! Page 2 - EVGA.
  • 17/05/2012 · I just installed 1 of 2 670 vanillas and no problems so been gaming all night, ran heaven for a couple of run throughs. As far as the fan is concerned its dam silent, not until around 65%.

    Help: looking for EVGA GTX 670 SC 4 gb "water.

    29/09/2012 · please help, im looking for a water block for EVGA GTX 670 SC 4gb? FTW

    use a gtx 970 waterblock on evga gtx 670 ftw?

    Hello Can I use a 970 waterblock on a 670 ftw? I can get a 970 waterblock for 50% less but I have to posta picture of it installed in my pc (its a special for people who are buying this now:D). Sadly I only have a 670 ftw, maybe I will upgrade in a few months but not now.I just bought all.

    EVGA GTX 670 FTW - 680 Water block Will it fit?

    EVGA GTX 670 FTW PCB - It's exactly the same as the reference GTX 680 PCB and will accommodate GTX 680 waterblocks and backplates. Thank you! I really want to water cool my rig (this month) and couldn't decide between a 670 and 680.

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